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MyWindTravel Job Scams

There has been a rise in scammers impersonating companies such as MyWindTravel, offering fake job opportunities to job seekers. The scammers usually make unsolicited contact with people via Phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, or email, fraudulently using MyWindTravel’s brand name and logo. The scammers have also referenced MyWindTravel’s executive team members in order to solicit trust in individuals. The scammers offer fake job opportunities and ask people to complete certain steps (such as setting up an online profile or entering personal information) in return for payments/commission. Sometimes the scammers will even pay people a small amount to gain their trust and then ask that person to pay money in order to earn higher commissions.

Important reminders

  • MyWindTravel does not offer any employment opportunities in this way.
  • MyWindTravel will never send unsolicited messages via emails, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Instagram.
  • MyWindTravel will never request payment(s) from its candidates for open positions at any point.
  • All genuine MyWindTravel pages will have 'MyWindTravel' in the URL, followed by the local domain (e.g.,,, etc.). Variations of that (such as 'MyWindTravelonline', 'MyWindTravelworking' or 'MyWindTravelagent') are not genuine.
  • All official MyWindTravel recruitment emails end with, impersonators may use a similar domain so please double-check.
  • MyWindTravel never calls, emails or messages via WhatsApp to complete a user’s booking or request payment.
  • Look out for emails from email addresses that are not using MyWindTravel company domains e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo,, etc.
  • Be vigilant about ads promoted on social media (particularly WhatsApp, Instagram and LinkedIn) that offer job opportunities with commissions.

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